Sunday, 2 May 2010


I'm having a few Accidental connection issues at the moment, hence my latest post may not make it up for a week or so. In its absence however, I direct all fans of London, and city blogging to LandingPad London; a brilliant new site for both Londoners and visitors to the city who don't wish to look like tourists.

After the editorial team featured a link to one of my posts recently, they kindly asked if I would like to contribute to their site, and so, if you take a look you will find the odd Accidental article at this location from time to time. I hope this makes up for my temporary Accidental absence...!


  1. Sorry to hear you're having these problems, will check out your recommendation though.

    I just wondered if I could ask you a quick question since you know Putney, hope not too cheeky of me! Do you know a furniture shop on the Lower Richmond Road called Chic Shack? If so, do you think it is worth a bit of a trek from SE10 ( I hear riverboat calling my name..) to see it, or is it very tiny and probably doesn't keep much stock in?

    Thanks, and don't worry if you don't have time to answer or don't know.


  2. Hi Lucy, not too cheeky at all - happy to help if I can! I do indeed know of the Chic Shack (Lower Richmond Rd, I believe). Whilst it always looks as if it has nice things it is not very large, and may be a long boatride for a small shop. I would say try somewhere a little closer to home! Or save it for a time when you're in the area anyway.

    Happy shopping!


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