Sunday, 24 April 2011

London cordially invites you...

With less than a week to go until an unassuming young woman hitches her wagon to one of the world's most famous families, London is gripped by Royal Wedding fever. See, I've even just absentmindedly capitalised the very phrase.  The city is gearing up for an event which will be beamed around the entire world.  Tourists are expected to arrive in their droves.  TfL has already warned of delays on the Tube.  Clapham Common is to be turned into a campsite for those unable to fit into the hotels which have been booked up for months.  Plastic Union Jack bunting already flutters across streets, ready for the street-parties scheduled for 29th April.

However many Londoners are eschewing the festivities, and making the most of the plentiful bank holidays which Easter, the beginning of May and the royal nuptials have supplied.  For the last few days I have watched endless taxis collect fleeing citizens from their front doorsteps, loading large suitcases into boots, bound for places where the wedding of a future monarch barely makes the front pages.

I also do not much fancy sticking around to be invaded by overenthusiastic wedding tourists, so I should announce a short Accidental Absence.  I wish all of you who stay and watch a truly lovely wedding.  I hope you all have your hats ready and your Union Jack flags to hand.  Unleash the souvenir tea-towels and prepare the street-party fayre.  I'm off to have a celebratory drink, nicely cooled by the ultimate in royal wedding merchandising...


  1. Ok I'm lucky I'm still on holiday and as it is a bank holiday I will be going somewhere nice to spend it. But most of my family members will be in London that day, so get prepared!

  2. Hello!

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    I have linked up to your blog. I hope you don´t mind!

  3. Hope you and your family had an enjoyable Royal Wedding weekend whatever you all got up to, Miss Agie1018!

    Many thanks, Londonerfromafar. Glad you've found my blog interesting and am delighted you've linked to mine from yours. I'll shall go and check your blog out now...

  4. We also headed away from the city on the day, but then watched it from a pub anyway.

  5. Ha, it seemed to catch up with everyone, Rashbre.


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