Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Did you know I've just got back from Ghana?

So, I don't know if I may have mentioned I've just been to Ghana?  Oh, I did? I banged on about airports and Accra already?  Oh, ok then I'll not mention it again.  But just in case there is anyone who still wants to hear what I got up to on my Accidental holidays, you can read about me searching for elephants here, on the wonderful Travelbite website.
And here are some baboons that we also saw...they had vicious little teeth and liked to rip things apart (lizards, sticks, the contents of the washing line) but we don't have them in London so we thought they were quite cool! 

Ok, ok!  I'll be quiet about holidays now...back to gloomy, grey, un-June-like London...


  1. I remember when I went to Bali the monkeys had ginormous teeth actually more like fangs!

  2. These baboons were similar, Miss Agie! Cute from a distance but a little scary up close...

  3. Sigh. I need another vacation...

  4. learning a lot from your blog...haver a look at mine

    moved from South Africa to London!

  5. Glad to hear you're finding my blog interesting, Suzi! Will have to take a look at yours..

  6. Oo Ghana eh. Very nice :)Can you message me your email, I have a writing opportunity you might be interested in.


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