Friday, 23 September 2011

An Accidental vacation

Apologies, but the Accidental Londoner, after completing the dissertation that has ruined her summer, has retired on holiday to recover and panic about whether she's passed or not!  Hence there will be a short break in posting while I'm away.

I'm currently chilling in New York, doing a bit of reading, writing, shopping and rain-dodging.  If I were a New York blogger, I could have been writing about:

  • Real live puppies for sale in shop windows
  • The rebuilding of the World Trade Center site
  • The glorious Housing Works Bookshop and Cafe
  • How wet one gets here when it rains
  • Just how much there is to see and do in Central Park
  • The exquisite Frick Collection
  • How I could happily live off a diet consisting solely of steamed dumplings from Chinatown
  • The amusing things one overhears on the sidewalk
  • Just how desperately I would love to live here one day 

But I'm not, so enjoy London for me.  I'll be back soon!


  1. Enjoy NY, all is well in London!

  2. Well I'm now back, MuMuGB, and I've brought some lovely American sunshine with me!


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