Saturday, 24 December 2011

Slovenly festive blogging

My poor blog has been a little neglected of late.  I blame Christmas, which has crept up on me somewhat this year.  The myth of 'winding down for Christmas' has been a torturous illusion.  No one does that anymore, if they ever did!  The pre-Christmas period has been a whirl of work deadlines, desperate attempts to catch up with friends, too much mulled wine, too many Christmas cards reminding me that I haven't even bought let alone sent any, total failure to buy useful things like wrapping paper, and a whole lot of online shopping as there's no way I'm braving Oxford Street at this time of year.

But now I've made my annual pilgrimage back to the Accidental homestead in the Midlands and am holed up ready to eat and drink until I pass out in a festive coma in front of the Doctor Who Christmas special.  But before I left I did have a wee potter through London's streets in search of some seasonally appropriate trees and lights and decorations.  Some were huge and gaudy, others were tasteful to the point of being barely discernible.

Spot the tree bedecked in simple white fairylights amid the communal gardens and surrounding glares of Bedford Square...

Something a little more obvious and borderline tacky?  Festive lights twinkle above the frantic last-minute shoppers in Covent Garden - disco droplets above 7 Dials:

And enormous baubles suspended above the central market plaza:

But the most lovely holiday decoration of the year, for me, has to be the vast Christmas tree currently standing in St Pancras station, constructed entirely from small Lego bricks.  Reaching up from the busy concourse to the usually more calm second level, the green of the tree and the coloured decorations make  it a rather classier decoration than the Olympic Rings in the background.

Alas, back at the ranch it has just been brought to my attention that there is a cake to be removed from the oven, biscuits to bake, a wreath to assemble (HOW?!) and a tree to trim.  So I shall go and do such necessary Christmas-y things but wish every one of my lovely readers a super break whatever holiday they may be celebrating!  And bad luck to those of you who are slogging on through just another week while a good proportion of the world slacks off for a few days.  Now, what am I supposed to do with this wreath?


  1. Enjoy your Christmas, Accidental Londoner! I am so tired that I will not go out today. But I am not British enough for Doctor Who yet. Some things never change! So, what will 2012 bring you?

  2. Yes, it's good to evaluate the different areas of London and the ways they decorate. I still like Sloane Square's lights as a favourite.

    Happy Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas! I'll be thinking of Britain as I'm slogging to class on Boxing Day. Damn Japanese universities.

  4. Have a super time in Dubai, MuMuGB - enjoy the sunshine! Ah, Doctor Who, Britain's proudest will have to learn to love that to become a proper Brit I'm afraid.

    Ooh, good shout, Rashbre: Sloane Square and Peter Jones do always look rather sparkly and fine.

    Thinking of you today, NeonRaine as you head to class - if it makes you feel any better, the fun is over in the UK now as the nation sleeps off hangovers and over-eating...!


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