Saturday, 4 February 2012

'Saved by the wedding bells?': Guest-blog for London Ladybird

The lovely Olivia (aka 'London Ladybird') writes a wonderfully amusing blog about love, life, and lots of other things befalling the 20-something lady.  She is a fellow Londoner, currently living out West, and was recently in search of some guest-bloggers.  I volunteered and am happy to announce I have now become one of her charmingly named 'Ladybird Lovies'.  Should you fancy reading what I wrote, on the subject of weddings, you can find it here.

Just a caveat for anyone expecting another piece on London, one of the lovely things about Olivia's kind offer of guest-blogging was that I get a chance to write about something slightly different in this post.  So, no commuting whinges or restaurant reviews...just a dash of youthful commitment phobia and wedding trauma.  (And if you do read it, before you all worry about me becoming a lonely old spinster, please view it in the light-hearted manner in which it was written!)

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