Monday, 1 April 2013

A snowy Easter interlude

And so it is Easter. Which means a few days out of the office, and out of London. Which in turn means an encounter with my least favourite train provider, London Midland. In the past I have whinged so much about old London Midland that they now follow me on Twitter, checking in with a tweet or two whenever I rant about the lack of functioning toilets on my latest train or an unscheduled half an hour mystery stop at Rugby. 'Oh God,' I imagine them sighing, '@accidentalldr's on board again. Better see what she's berating us for this time...' (Sorry, guys!)  But my pre-Easter journey was only marred by a few unsavoury travelling companions, and I really don't think I can blame London Midland for them.

Fortunately, back at the Accidental Homestead things were a whole load more pleasant. Deepest, darkest Staffordshire is still looking pretty snowy after the past fortnight of extended wintery-ness the UK has experienced.  Sailing along the country roads, cosy inside a car, one could not feel further from London's drizzly grey streets, within their unique microclimate of 'perpetual end of autumn'. Fields are ornately frosted with persistant snow, with a few chilly sheep and their new lambs grazing on exposed green patches. Long icicles dangle from bare hedgerows, created by the splash thrown up from a thousand tires spinning through nearby iced puddles. Great carved paths snake through the patchwork fields where snow has been cleared but piled high by the roadside.
Reunited with the family, but a man down as the Accidental Brother was sadly absent, this Easter break was spent much like the Accidental Christmas; eating, drinking, cooking yet more tasty things to eat, teasing the Accidental Felines, and teaching the Accidental Mother how to use Twitter (oh, what have I done...).  On Easter Day we took a chilly but sunny walk through the remaining snow, throwing ourselves onto the great drifts that remained. They bore our post-chocolate-egg-indulgence weight with ease, the density of the packed snow explaining why even the warm Spring sunshine had not melted these great banks away. Walking through head-high snow walls, it's odd to think of London just a couple of hours back down South, miles from this Narnia-esque wonderland. It becomes a lot easier when you're warm inside, contemplating tea and Easter eggs though...

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  1. Well, I am glad that you had a happy Easter, fuelled, it seems, by lots of chocolates and Twitter (I love Twitter).
    We stayed in London this year (long story), and it certainly doesn't feel like Easter at all. When do we get some sun?


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