Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Top 5 city farms in London

May is flying by in a blur, and I have managed one solitary blogpost. Sad, unimpressive blogging times.  In place of more Accidental accounts I offer instead a little something written for Townfish, on one of my favourite London-y things - city farms.  You can read my article, containing my top 5 (oh yeah!) city farms worth a visit, here.
And if you're stuck for things to do in the city over this bank holiday weekend which approaches swiftly (thank God!) there are worse ways to pass an afternoon that chatting to chickens and meeting the odd alpaca... 

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  1. I love Vauxhall farm! That said, my daughters feel that they are a bit too old to play in a farm. I will never get it right. Sigh. How are you?


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