Saturday, 5 October 2013

And then something amazing happened...

There are several moments in a blogger's life when they feel like they're finally getting the hang of the whole blogging malarkey, and maybe even doing this weird writing-oversharing-communication thing pretty well.  One such moment might be the day your analytics tell you thousands of people visited your site in a day, or a month, or a year. Another is the thrill you get when someone you admire leaves a kind and generous comment at the bottom of one of your posts.  You might be awarded an accolade or even get invited to speak at an event. Or, the ultimate joy, you might finally be able to jack in the day job and dedicate yourself to blogging as a career rather than a hobby.

But I'm some way off that alas. Which is why a little something that happened earlier this week blew my tiny blogging mind.  It was Wednesday, a day in the middle of a week that has been slowly eroding my energy and patience at an alarming rate. I was delighted to leave the office to catch up with a couple of people and a couple of margharitas.  Needing something to counteract the latter of those two things, we whisked down to the home of the city's most addictive burgers, Five Guys in Covent Garden. We did the standard loitering outside in a queue, we pored over the list of additions to our burgers, filled our cups with ludicrously flavoured soft drinks and finally collected our food and headed downstairs to find a place to perch and tuck in.

We had just ripped into our large brown paper bag of chips - sorry, 'fries' - when I noticed several quotes from Five Guys reviews on the back of the cups from which we were sipping.  Right at the top was a quote from a very successful London blogger. 'Oh wow!' was the initial response, followed by a teensy bit of 'Ah, if I only had more followers/content/greater reach that might be me one day'.  And then I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up, following the pointing, outstretched arm of the Accidental Boyfriend. Over on the far wall was a series of large white and read signs, containing quotes from reviews in national press. There were comments from major US newspapers, and London's Time Out and Shortlist.  And there, tucked between them, was this...

I was so excited I didn't even finish my fries. And I can now die a happy blogger. Thanks, Five Guys, for creating something that makes a little blogger even happier than your Raspberry Coke machine.   


  1. What a thrill! It is always amazing, isnt it, to think that there are people outside reading what we bloggers write. And most of the time, they don't leave a message. I will have to pop in next time I am passing and pick up one of those cups! :)

  2. Congratulations! This is great! You must have been very pleased. I can't believe that they didn't tell you!

  3. That's so exciting! I'm really happy for you, good work! :)

  4. Your name up in lights in the West End . . . well, up in paper on a burger bar's wall anyway. But what a boost for your great blog. Loved 'So what brings you here' by the way. What next? AL on the sides of buses 'we never had these red things in the Midlands, but they are great . . . Accidental Londoner.

  5. Wohooo congratulations! Desperate to try a burger from there

  6. Oh that's utterly fabulous!!! (and kinda crazy their PR didn't give you a head-up!)

  7. Aw, you guys! Thank you all so much for sharing in my moment of excitement. For anyone who has yet to sample a Five Guys burger yet I urge you all to go - and not just to see the signs in the basement! North Londoners, rejoice; for you are about to get your own brand new shiny branch in Angel...opening soon.

    PS I swear I don't work for Five Guys!

    1. They're expanding? Angel is the place to live these days...amazing! And I'll bet the excitement of this doesn't wear off :) Super amazing! xx


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