Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sponsored post: Wishing London a very happy Christmas from the top of the BT Tower

Whoosh! So that was it, another year has just flown by. Everyone enjoy it? Great, cos here comes 2014! But of course there's the small matter of Christmas before we get there...

Ah, Christmas, that wonderful time of the year for celebrations and reflections, and families and friends and food, and mulled wine and eggnog and other improbable drinks you'd only ever drink when cold and desperate and attempting to feel festive. What is it that makes people come over all warm and fuzzy around the end of December?  Maybe it's all those aforementioned drinks.  But Christmas is certainly a time for sharing; not just enormous boxes of Quality Street but also thoughts, experiences, and a little bit of love too.  While most of us may be content to just share our messages with a single pal or a special someone, others - and yes I'm looking at you, loud man in a reindeer onesie on the Piccadilly Line - like to spread the love a little further.  Right across the whole city from the top of the BT Tower, for example.  And if you have something you want to share with London right now, that scrolling LED display board on that most iconic of London buildings is yours for the taking.

Communications giant BT is giving people the opportunity to share a personal message with millions of Londoners, from the 19th of December (that's tomorrow, folks, if you're not up-to-date on your advert calendars) until the 21st.  Maybe you want to wish everyone Happy Holidays, or share the worst joke you got in a cracker this year. Or maybe you just want to send a personal, yet amazingly public, message to a fellow Londoner. If you've got something you want to get off your chest, or you have a wee festive message for the city, all you need to do is Tweet your message to @BT_UK and include the hashtag #TweetsOnTheTower.  The best Tweets will be selected by BT daily and then beamed out from the tower after 4pm and before 10pm each day.  If your Tweet gets selected as one of the top 100, you'll get a whole 10-12 minutes (I know, right?!) of sharing the love with London.  That's some serious city-wide fame.  And what's more you can preserve the moment with a Vine video clip that BT will send you back of your message circling the Tower.

This is what the BT Tower looked like this morning...I think we could all think of something more jolly than the BT logo, right?  Get messaging, people!  And Happy Christmas to you all.

"This post has been sponsored by BT. Any opinions expressed in the above post however are those of The Accidental Londoner alone. I do not endorse products or organisations that I don't or wouldn't use myself or recommend to a friend."


  1. Merry Christmas Flora! What a year!

  2. Merry Christmas...Even i am enjoying my Christmas trip at London Tower and wishing the same to all people around me.

  3. Love BT tower. and even the messages from time to time


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