Saturday, 23 February 2013

The 'glamour' of business travel

A baleful pair of eyes staring at me from the sink made me jump as I sat on the loo.  The large gecko continued to stare as I edged past him out of the door.  Sneaking a look at him, I noted he had an ominnously spiked tail, part of which had obviously been lost somewhere.  One of his feet was missing a toe.  He was a decidedly manky-looking specimen.  But as such he matched his surroundings perfectly.  The bathroom was sizeable, although in a we-couldn't-afford-enough-fixtures-to-fill-it kind of way rather than a wow-how-spacious-and-roomy kind of way.  Two further geckos appeared to live in it, alongside the chap in the sink; a tiny one who lived behind the waste pipe and a beast of a thing who tended to hang out on the ceiling beams above the leaky shower.  There was a mysterious plughole - complete with plug - right in the middle of the badly-tiled floor.  I could only assume, after careful examination of the curiously holey roof, that it was there to drain the bathroom when it rained.

When I tell people what I do for a living, they always remark on how lucky I am to travel the world for work, and how glamorous it must be jetting around from one place to another.  Lucky? Most definitely.  The 'glamorous' thing however I am beginning to take issue with. 

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