Friday, 15 November 2013

Little City Observations at the Chance Gallery, Chelsea

One of the great perks of starting to blog is that one finds oneself a member of a new community.  Bloggers, on the whole, are a thoroughly nice bunch; supportive, encouraging, vicariously excited and sad for one another, committed to what they do and appreciate of anyone else who works hard to achieve the same, or at least similar, things.  In amongst your new community you can find interesting thoughts, helpful advice, inspiration and sometimes a damn good pal or two.  So when you see a fellow blogger seeking a little help, you want to do your bit - to cheer them along, to help them reach a particular milestone or to show off their brilliance a tiny bit.

So I couldn't have been more thrilled to support (in my own very tiny way) the opening of an exhibition of the work of Stephanie Sadler, aka Little London Observationist. Steph's was one of the first London blogs I stumbled across when I was getting The Accidental Londoner off the ground, and we have known about each other for several years, corresponded briefly from time to time, but never actually met.  A month or so ago, a new blogpost appeared on Steph's blog, excitedly sharing the news that she had been given the opportunity to exhibit some of her dramatic city photography, which she also shares on her blog.  The exhibition was to be held in the artist-run pop-gallery, The Chance Gallery, in Chelsea. As long as Steph could raise some funds to support it.  Oh, and here was a link to her Kickstarter funding plea.  I couldn't click through to her fundraising page fast enough!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The last supper

Despite being bought up in a little village in the Midlands, London still figured in my childhood as a place for family gatherings and visits. With a pair of grandparents as well as an aunt and her family living in the capital, it was the natural location for festivities that brought together the various branches of our family. And for as long as I can remember should any of these festivities necessitate a meal out at a restaurant, there was but one place we would head: Choys.
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