Sunday, 16 February 2014

Before I die...

"Before I die..." proclaimed the title above the boards. Down by the Regents Canal, six big blackboards stood, attracting a crowd of wanderers, tourists, cyclists and runners, all gawking at the chalked responses. There were no instructions, no "First, take a piece of chalk...", but it was obvious what was expected of passersby: In a blank space, complete the phrase "Before I die I want to...". Share your  innermost dreams and deepest desires with everyone who walks along the towpath.

Friday, 7 February 2014

So that was January...

Inspired by the Accidental Boyfriend - who has a wonderful eye for detail and a shameless approach to snap-happy photography - and the lovely new camera I received from my kind Accidental Father at Christmas, I am taking more photos in 2014.  I am also embracing actually doing something with them rather than leaving them to languish on my camera / phone / computer / SnapFish account. Even if that just means sharing them a little more (bad luck, faithful readers!).

So here is January 2014 in photographic form.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Accidental Visits: The Vault Festival 2014, Leake Street Tunnels

I tend to avoid London's South Bank if given the chance. Sure, there are wonderful things down there - the Skylon bar in the Royal Festival Hall, tasty suppers at Canteen, access to the Northern Line, and of course one of the most impressive views of the city. But it's always heaving with tourists and out-of-towners, often with small children in tow, and I am more than happy to leave them to it.  Unless I get an offer I can't refuse to head, gasp, South of the River. And so it was that earlier this week I found myself tramping across the Charing Cross bridge, bound for the general area of Waterloo with the Accidental Ally.  We were off to check out the launch of the 2014 Vault Festival - an extraordinary theatrical experience held in the tunnels beneath Waterloo train station.
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