Friday, 7 February 2014

So that was January...

Inspired by the Accidental Boyfriend - who has a wonderful eye for detail and a shameless approach to snap-happy photography - and the lovely new camera I received from my kind Accidental Father at Christmas, I am taking more photos in 2014.  I am also embracing actually doing something with them rather than leaving them to languish on my camera / phone / computer / SnapFish account. Even if that just means sharing them a little more (bad luck, faithful readers!).

So here is January 2014 in photographic form.

It was a month in which....
- I found some heartening graffiti along the canal in Islington, on a rainy New Year's Day walk.
- I returned to work, and to a wall of several hundred chaotic post-its. (Joy!)
- I ran away to Paris to escape from work, and to visit the fabulous Lou.
- I explored more of London, with a wander round Stoke Newington. And I discovered that Newington Green regards itself as the birthplace of modern feminism, hence its wonderful Mary Wollstonecraft street art.
- London looked stunning, despite a month filled with endless rain.
- The Accidental Ally and I were invited to the launch of the Vault Festival 2014, in some excellent tunnels beneath Waterloo station.
- I did some reading. I scooped up this monster of an autobiography of Martha Gellhorn, one of my writing heroes, from this little spot on Charing Cross Road (whilst seeking refuge from yet another downpour).
- I took in and then said goodbye to my latest feline lodger; Lola. Small, stripey, obsessed with baths and sinks, and keen on mountaineering up bookshelves. Hope you're enjoying your new, permanent home now, little one!


  1. Oh, pretty kitty! I don't know how you say goodbye to them, you are a braver woman than I haha

    The London Project

    1. It's a wrench sometimes, Charlotte. Some are much harder to let go than others. But when you know they have a lovely home to go to it's a whole lot easier!

  2. I really enjoyed this post Flora. You take such lovely photos. Thanks for calling me fabulous : ) Your visit was definitely a highlight of my January! X
    P.S. I can't believe it's February already.

    1. Thank you, my dear! So many fun things to see in a city - bit it London or Paris - but the random things that make you smile on a rainy Thursday afternoon are my favourites; I'm endeavouring to capture them for posterity. My weekend in Paris provided many such moments...even several weeks after I made it home...(that cheeky wallet!)

  3. Well, it looks like it was an excellent month! What is next for you?

    1. Hopefully more of the same, Muriel. More fun with blogging pals, more food, more travel, more exploring the city. What could be better, eh?


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