Friday, 4 April 2014

February and March

Where is 2014 going?! Days and weeks are just whizzing by, and here we are in April already. What have I been getting up to in London? Well, actually I've been doing a whole lot of work which has cramped my city-exploring style somewhat, but you can't keep a good blogger down.

Here's a quick spin through February and March in and around the city...

1. Chinatown celebrated Chinese New Year, decking itself out in red and gold lanterns, which was rather cheering in the constant rain with which February spoiled us. I took a lunchtime stroll down there towards the end of the month; returning to the office with sodden feet but a tummy full of hot steamed buns, and a camera full of shiny, colourful photos.

2. Yeah, so, this rain. It. Did. Not. Stop. For. Weeks. The Accidental Ally and I managed to spend two consecutive lunch-breaks getting soaked running errands - so much for trying to get away from one's desk at lunchtime, eh? I surrendered a grand total of three umbrellas in two months to the great dustbin in the sky, due to overuse and the tearing winds that accompanied the rain.

3. To keep my spirits up amidst the grey and damp I did a lot of eating. And this included checking out the new Five Guys branch that opened up in Angel (oh-so-handily/dangerously positioned near the Accidental Boyfriend's house). This branch also sports an Accidental Londoner sign (so proud!), so of course I had to go and see it for myself and get all over-excited again...!

4. I got shown around the New Covent Garden Flower Market in Nine Elms towards the end of February, getting a crash-course in the international flower trade in the process. The tour was completely fascinating, and my mental city map now has another place to associate with the area of Vauxhall, other than that hideous transport junction outside the bus station.

5. The rain finally stopped! There was a brief patch of ridiculous warmth and sunshine. Shorts and flip-flops were sighted on the streets - crazy times. It was a time for wandering along canals, and hanging out in Regents Park, and most importantly, for leaving big winter coats at home and soaking up some rays. The whole city got a much-needed Vitamin D injection, and spirits finally rose out of their winter slump.  

6. And then we took a little break from London for a long weekend in Wiltshire, at the Beckford Arms. This place is truly special. Phenomenal food, exceptionally accommodating and friendly staff, and super-comfy beds. Had breakfast - served with a large glass jar of handy hangover cures - not been so delicious, I might still be hiding beneath one of their duvets right now.  

7. Back in London, another foster kitty came to stay. Wispa slept like an angel (as he's doing in the photo above)...but only for about twenty minutes at a time.  The remaining hours of the day (and night) he liked to spend exploring the flat - particularly the inaccessible bits - and digging things up, climbing stuff and breaking everything within furry reach. Wispa even managed to ruin a shower curtain (how?!). But fortunately by the middle of March he was in a new permanent home, and very happily settled. My shower curtain is feeling much better too.

8. I was brave. I went south of the river more than once in the past couple of months. In March I was enticed down to Waterloo to dine at Chateau Marmot, a pop-up restaurant outfit which was opening its temporary doors for three days at the beginning of March. We were fed course after tasty course, and sitting at the restaurant's communal tables met some interesting fellow diners. We also got a brief education on the Lower Marsh area, its market and local independent shops, many of whom had contributed ingredients to the night's feast.    

9. The office claimed my soul for most of March. But at least when BBC Sports Relief started throwing celebrities off the top of the BT Tower next door we were well-placed to watch their descent. Some made it down rather gracefully, whilst others (ahem, Blue Peter lady) appeared to be bouncing off the face of the iconic tower like a toy on a piece of elastic. But thanks, guys and gals, not only did you raise a lot of money for charity, you also gave us something else to stare at besides our computer screens.

Here's to more non-work frolics in April! 


  1. I love all the pink and red in the photo montage! It seems like you managed a lot in February and March : ) but where indeed is the time going? Thank goodness we have trips in May and June planned-it's the only good thing about 2014 whizzing by! xx

    1. April is zooming away too! Bring on the summer though...wouldn't mind that getting a shift on and us getting some sunshine and holidays.


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