Monday, 5 May 2014


And so it continues...that was April, folks.

1. Another month, another feline lodger. This time, 'Charlie'; super-handsome, super-sweary (he hissed at everyone all the time), but super-friendly despite all his bad language. Charlie was tall enough to reach up onto the table and attempt to secure himself a little morsel from our plates. A former stray, he always got a bit panicked at the thought he might be missing out on food. He wore his black and white fur like a tiny, hairy tuxedo suit, and he had the longest whiskers I've ever seen. I really wanted to keep this guy!

2. We delivered on a hugely significant deadline at work. There were a lot of late nights, weekends spent in the office, and a hell of a lot of coffee drunk. I took to escaping my computer screen for 10 minutes to hunt down a skinny cap from my favourite local spot - Attendant - housed in a converted Victorian lavatory beneath Foley Street. 

3. Sometimes coffee just won't cut it though. I also drank a few cocktails at The Zetter Townhouse, where drinks come with explosions (literally!) and vintage glassware. This wonderful old townhouse sits in a quiet cobbled square in Clerkenwell, and once inside you could be in another age. Walls are papered in old playbills and adverts, furniture is mismatched and cosily worn, and bar staff mix inspired drinks containing nettle cordial and gunpowder tea tincture.

4. After talking the Accidental Boyfriend into hiring and driving a van to get me there and back, I woman-ed up and went to Ikea to buy a wardrobe. (And the numerous other fripperies one always picks up in Ikea, regardless of whether you planned on picking them up or even whether you actually need them.) It was - as Ikea always is - fun at first, then a tad stressful. I defy anyone to co-assemble a flatpack wardrobe in a small space without sniping. However, after almost four years in my flat I no longer have to hang my clothes on a hideous clothing rail - I can hide them behind actual doors. Hurrah!

5. Easter happened. I hopped on a train, and the Midlands was visited, cats were stroked and much excellent food and drink was consumed with the Accidental parents. Sometimes a change of scene from the city is much needed.  

6. Back in London, we went for dinner at Tramshed in Shoreditch. Beneath a custom-made pickled Damien Hirst, we tucked in to steak and salted caramel fondue; although not at the same time obviously! The restaurant seats an impressive number of diners in this converted electricity generation station, and down beneath the kitchen is the Cock 'n' Bull gallery space - currently full of modern takes on ancient marble busts. 

7. London commuters grumbled and trudged their way to work during another tube strike. My commute is fortunately not much affected by these strikes, but regular tube-users reported commutes of several hours and many more buses. But the silver lining to this particular cloud is the glorious old buses which suddenly appear on our roads, to pick up the slack and additional passengers displaced up onto the streets. How fine is this green beast?

8. I had a day off, and visited one of my favourite places in the city - the V&A Museum. Oh, man, I love this place. I would live here if I could. In the past week a new exhibition has opened up in the museum's fashion halls - exhibiting wedding dresses through the ages, which I might need to pop back and take a look at. If you want a sneak-peek however you can check out the V&A's inspiring Instagram feed

9. Before a morning pottering around Soho and Marylebone with an Accidental Cousin, I rediscovered peaceful Golden Square. It's always nice to stumble across a patch of green in the middle of the city, and this one is always beautifully maintained and full of bright beds of flowers. And the true highlight of this little square is the branch of Nordic Bakery which will equip you with a decent coffee and a hot cinnamon bun to keep you company while you soak up a little April sunshine.

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