Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sponsored post: A perfect day in London

In the last few years of my living in and reading about this city, I've come across numerous articles, books and websites promising to share the secret of the 'perfect day in London'. They suggest schedules and unmissable spots across the city, creating packaged collections and check-lists of things that visitors absolutely must do or see, or otherwise risk never truly experiencing London properly. And you can see the slaves to these curated city tours, struggling around London clutching guidebooks and maps, on the verge of tears because the queue outside Madame Tussauds was too long and they never made it to the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace and their London holiday is as good as RUINED now!

Well, dry your eyes, weepy visitors. There is no single perfect or 'right' way to see the city. It all depends on what each of us finds interesting or pleasurable. And heaven knows, we all have our own ideas about those things - it's what makes the city so chock-full of things to do. It's what attracts the glorious mixture of people who live here and come to visit London. So, the pressure's off. We shouldn't search for a single perfect day, rather a series of tiny perfect moments, hours, days, and weeks; each negotiated by our diverse likes and dislikes, our personalities and previous experiences.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

A tour of Naughty London by Best LDN Walks

I have long maintained that the best way to explore a city like London is on foot. Walking, you catch glimpses of things you'd never see whilst whizzing along a road on a bus or beneath the city in a Tube tunnel. You can change your route or your mind whenever you feel like it, taking an unexpected turning or heading down an alley you never noticed before. Frequently I come across things that cause me to stop and wonder: What happens in this building? Who lives in a house like this? What is this faded sign all about? 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Where you can find the Accidental Londoner on social media

Having so much time to think about and develop my blog at the moment, I'm realising just how much work it takes to do this whole blogging thing 'properly'. Props to those people running their mega-blogs with the crazy hit rates and hundreds of thousands of followers - those are some hard-working individuals! I'm still a very long way away from their levels of success and readership, but I am certainly trying to learn from them at the moment. 

I started this blog five and a half years ago, in an age when having a blog meant just that: you had a blog. You wrote posts, and maybe you also posted photographs. You didn't also have a Twitter feed, and an Instagram account, and Pinterest boards and Facebook pages, and a Youtube channel.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Better late than never, here is July 2014...

Friday, 8 August 2014

'The Start Up': a new web series written by an Accidental friend

I once had a very brief foray into script-writing. During my final year at university, one of my housemates and I started writing a 6-episode comedy series following the lives of several shambolic university students. They spent a lot of their time sharing grotty bathrooms, getting amusingly drunk and going to toga parties. (Yeah, there were elements of semi-autobiography in there.) After our graduation, my housemate did a lot of work to package up our ideas and pitch them to television companies, but sadly our series went nowhere.

Then one night, after too many cocktails, we developed a theory that the award-winning 'Fresh Meat' was based on material lifted from one of our failed pitches. However, few weeks later I was sat next to a comedy script-writer at a wine tasting event (it's London; that kind of thing happens more than you'd imagine) and he reassured me that Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain had been talking about developing a student-based series for years and that the likelihood of any intellectual property theft was slim to none. And that was truly the end of that. For me at least.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Back in town

I have just had a holiday. Not a lying on a beach, slow strolling holiday either - a seeing, doing, travelling, eating, meeting holiday. I've been in France for just over a week, and we managed to pack an impressive amount into our days away from London.

Our trip started with an early morning dash in a rental car through the streets of London, out to Gatwick airport. Thank heavens there was time for coffee before boarding. Except there almost wasn't, so cue another frantic hurtle through the grey corridors of the North terminal, attempting not to spill a cooling cappuccino down myself. But we made our plane, and a couple of hours later we were safely in Nice. But not for long. We grabbed our second rental car of the day, having bumped into two groups of friends in the collection area, and headed for rural Provence...

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