Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Where you can find the Accidental Londoner on social media

Having so much time to think about and develop my blog at the moment, I'm realising just how much work it takes to do this whole blogging thing 'properly'. Props to those people running their mega-blogs with the crazy hit rates and hundreds of thousands of followers - those are some hard-working individuals! I'm still a very long way away from their levels of success and readership, but I am certainly trying to learn from them at the moment. 

I started this blog five and a half years ago, in an age when having a blog meant just that: you had a blog. You wrote posts, and maybe you also posted photographs. You didn't also have a Twitter feed, and an Instagram account, and Pinterest boards and Facebook pages, and a Youtube channel.

But now, being a blogger means being all over multiple social media channels, reaching more readers and sharing your blog more widely. I notice that on the days when I'm not checking in on Twitter and Instagram my blog hits noticeably drop. Clearly, using additional channels to support a blog works. It's a fascinating art, and fun to explore. And it's also surprisingly time-consuming!
So now you can find the Accidental Londoner in several other places beyond the blog itself. And I'd just love it if you came and joined me there too. Let's share photos we've taken and interesting articles we've read. Let's be friends on social media!

You can find me...
  • ...chatting about classically London-y things and the occasional embarrassing moment including my knickers and my neighbours on Twitter: I'm @accidentalldnr.
  • ...snapping photos of London life (read: coffee shops, cocktails and pretty streets) and random cats on Instagram: Here, I'm accidentallondoner.
  • ...posting all my latest articles on things to see, eat and do in London on Bloglovin': Check out The Accidental Londoner.
  • ...pinning stunning shots of the city and recommendations for places to visit on Pinterest: You can find The Accidental Londoner (Flora) there. (Ooh, and I also have a board on Pinterest gathering useful and inspiring articles on blogging, which might be of interest to those of you who also blog! You can find that here.)
I look forward to meeting more of you out there, beyond the comments box below!

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