Friday, 26 September 2014

What's in my blogger's bag?

A while ago I came across the pretty illustrations of Kristina Hultkrantz, who designs under the brand Emma Kisstina. This self-confessed girly-girl covers posters, scarves, and make-up bags with her bold yet delicate designs, and despite not being the girliest of girls myself, the strong, solid colours of her designs hugely appealed to me. In checking out her blog I also discovered a fascinating series of illustrations, showing off the things that bloggers kept in their bags. And then I was hooked. 

I know what it takes to keep my own blogging show on the road - a lot of coffee, wine and chats with blogging pals mostly, but I don't keep those in my bag! - but what about other bloggers? Can you tell what kind of blogger someone is from the contents of their bag? Turns out, you can...The majority of the bloggers Kristina features in her series are glamorous fashion and lifestyle bloggers; their designer handbags groaning with beauty products and glittering jewellery. But I thought I'd drop Kristina a line and see if she was up for the challenge of featuring the bag of a rambling city blogger - with, as Kristina noted herself, not even so much as a lip balm in sight...

And the game Kristina rose to the challenge and tackled my well-travelled Manhattan Portage bag and its random contents. And I love the result...
Whilst my bag may not be as stylish as the bags Kristina normally draws, it might be the only one that's been to five continents! (Thanks to its outstanding quality however, you probably couldn't tell that by looking at it. That thing is worth every dollar I paid for it.) And as for the contents I like to think Kristina has captured my bare essentials, both for blogging and city living: 
  • my Oystercard for getting around London
  • my wallet and keys (because obviously!)
  • a little something to read on the Tube (from my collection of old Penguin paperbacks)
  • my camera and my iPhone for snapping photos of cool things I see
  • Field Notes notebooks and cheap Bic biros (for copious writing)
  • and coffee shop loyalty cards (I have a LOT of those about my person usually!)

Thank you, Kristina, for taking on a bag that's a little different from your usual inspiration and for creating something so pretty from my bag's inner recesses!

You can check out the rest of Kristina's series on bloggers bags here on Pinterest.


  1. My bag is a mess. It is not huge -I like small bags. I am not sure that it would say anything about me, really. Hmmm... I suppose that I will have to think about it...

    1. Small but perfectly formed, Muriel? I carry way too much stuff to be able to fit it in a small bag. That probably says more about me...!

  2. Nice bag, nice contents. Love the illustration. My bag is pretty boring, but there is always a book or magazine in there, which is like a comforter for me : )

    1. Books or magazines are such a necessary handbag accessory, aren't they, Lou? Nothing worse than having a spare 10 minutes or getting stuck on a metro train then not having anything to read for company.

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