Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Commuting in London

Commuting gets Londoners riled up. Particularly during a tube strike. Everyone who works in the city has his or her own daily route, with its own series of challenges and changes - a personal assault course just to get to and from work. And the tiniest deviation from this well-trodden path can disrupt a commute. The current lack of tube trains has clogged roads, and unleashed a number of cyclists unused to doing battle with London's scary traffic. Twitter is awash with people complaining about having to *gasp* walk from one area of the city to another. It is commuting chaos.

Even without the pressure of a tube strike, Londoners revel in discussing and comparing their commutes: Who travels furthest? Who travels longest? Who can always get a seat on the bus? Who knows the right carriage to squeeze into so they can be first off the platform when their tube train pulls in to the next station? We spend so much time swapping relative hardships that it comes as a surprise to meet someone who truly enjoys their commute. Yet amongst the whingeing about roadworks and rail replacement bus services, there can be pleasing patterns and familiarity in this daily grind.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bloggers at work

A couple of weeks ago I met a new blogger. I love meeting new bloggers. You always have so much to discuss with one another, and for that reason they feel like new friends very quickly. The lovely Jo, from The Only Place, had announced that she was doing a collection of photos of bloggers at work, capturing the spaces and places where blogging happens, as well as the faces of those of us who lay claim to the title of 'blogger'.
She kindly agreed to include me in her series, and trekked up to North London one sunny Saturday to take some photos. We nattered for ages, drank copious amounts of tea, and then we got down to the actual photography business. Jo took a range of photos of me in various spots around my flat - which, we have since agreed, came out of this photo-shoot looking like an interiors all-star.

You can check out Jo's series over here on her blog. Jo was a super photographer, who instantly put me at ease, and lined up shot after shot without it getting boring. She's also a great person to have chat with about blogging and London and many other things, so I hugely enjoyed getting to meet Jo as much as getting to see the photographs she produced! If you are a blogger who fancies being involved, drop Jo a line and invite her to come take some photos of the space in which you blog...she's currently after some more blogging models so do get in touch if you'd be up for it.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Accidental Visits: In search of inspiration at the V&A

I have been a terrible blogger in recent months. Infrequent, uninspired, inarticulate. My job has taken almost everything out of me this year so far, beginning with my creativity - the first casualty of stress and tiredness. And so, yesterday I took a day off; to recharge, to do unexciting but necessary tasks around the house, to sit in one place and drink a whole coffee before it went cold, and to try and feel a bit more like myself. My brain needed a jump-start too. So I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, one of my happiest of London happy places, to indulge in a late afternoon potter in search of a little inspiration. 

Friday, 4 April 2014

February and March

Where is 2014 going?! Days and weeks are just whizzing by, and here we are in April already. What have I been getting up to in London? Well, actually I've been doing a whole lot of work which has cramped my city-exploring style somewhat, but you can't keep a good blogger down.

Here's a quick spin through February and March in and around the city...

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