Accidental Eats

Joke away about British food, and our fondness for fish and chips and puddings with mildly amusing names, but London has its fair share of excellent eateries. (And drinking establishments too, fortunately)  In the name of research - not just because I love to eat, obviously - I work my way around numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and pop-up venues across the city. Below is a collection of my foodie exploits, which might be handy for anyone visiting London or a local just fancying somewhere new to eat or drink.

This list will hopefully grow over time, so check back and see where I have been selflessly chowing down all to save you the bother of eating an indifferent burger or queuing for hours to get into the latest restaurant of the moment...

Breakfast / brunch spots

Tea shops with decent cake

Coffee shops with excellent coffee

Restaurants for lunch or dinner ('no reservations' establishments marked with *)

Great bars for celebrating, commiserating and catching up


  1. You should have an accidental visit to the hummingbird bakery.

  2. Oh I do love that place! I should definitely visit again; thanks for the reminder, Holly!


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