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Whilst London has certainly now become 'home', it is also my basecamp for exploring the rest of the world. And when I head off to new places I always write about them. I cannot get on a plane without a notebook and a pen. I cannot get off a plane without having already scribbled several pages of notes on the thrill of departure and excited thoughts about wherever I'm headed. Whilst abroad I can be regularly found clutching my notebook; which usually ends the trip a little crumpled, dirty and stained, not unlike my homebound self. I won't so much as go out for dinner without it in case I see something amazing that I absolutely have to note down lest I forget it later. Detail is my thing. A hidden doorway, multi-coloured wares on display in a market, a face at a window, grotesque gargoyles lurking on rooftops. I am absorbed by capturing odd features of everyday life that I see, which are probably deeply dull to everyone else, but the memory of these tiny things makes me smile when I am home in grey, familiar London once more.

So if you'll permit me, kind and patient readers, from time to time I will write about some very un-London-y things.  These pieces will be somewhat different from my usual London blogposts, so feel free to skip over them if you're after East London restaurant reviews or musings on the London Underground. I shan't be offended. (Well, not too much!) But if you fancy reading about some very different cities or treks a long way off the beaten path, I hope you find them interesting.

On this page you will be able to find reports of my travels beyond London; both those which appeared originally on this blog and also those which were written for other websites. I will update this page as I write more. Here are the collected works of an Accidental Londoner Abroad:



The rest of the UK


South Africa



  • Surat - the biggest city you've never heard of

The Americas and the Caribbean

Saint Lucia

On travel


  1. Getting itchy feet, are we? Well, I can't wait to read your adventures. I love travelling too but I am afraid that I am stuck here during term time...Sigh.

  2. Thanks, MuMuGB, I hope you enjoy the upcoming tales...first stop India!

    1. I LOVE India. It is not a country, it is a continent...I especially liked Rajasthan...I am soooo jealous.

    2. Well am super-excited to be going, so rest assured I will be reporting back!


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